What Is Marine Grade Plywood? | Everything You Need to Know

What Is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine-grade plywood is made from multiple veneer sheets of Western Larch or Douglas-fir wood. All these layers are glued perpendicular to each other. It is more durable and stable compared to ordinary plywood and MDF.  Marine-grade plywood is an excellent choice for building boats, docks, and waterproof doors. We can use It for all applications … Read more

How to Repair Rotted Wood Garage Door Frame?

How to Repair Rotted Wood Garage Door Frame?

Rotting of the Door frame is a common problem, it is in direct contact with good and bad weather. So it is easy to start rotting in a few years. Repair Rotted Wood Garage Door is not an easy task. But you can do it according to some instructions and with caution. We often ignore … Read more

How To Save Rotting Decking?

How To Save Rotting Decking?

Decking rotting is a common problem. There are some simple methods to save rooting decking and replace the decking board; you should try them. Decks are exposed to moisture and weather, which causes them to deteriorate after a few years. Generally, hardwood or pressure-treated lumber is used to make decks, which requires more care than … Read more

Marine Plywood Advantages And Disadvantages

Marine Plywood Advantages

Plywood is an important material for the furniture and construction industry. There are many types of plywood that are used in different places. But marine plywood is the highest grade of plywood used for long-term use.  Marine plywood performs quite well in both dry and wet places. Also, the chances of termites and fungus inside … Read more

How to Make Wood Filler at Home?

How To Make Wood Filler At Home

Wood fillers are used to fill the gaps between wood joints and cracks. However, It is available readymade in the market, but it can be easily made in your home at a low cost and with less material. Mainly, Three items are required to make a wood filler: Instructions: Step 1: Make Fine Sawdust Wood … Read more

Glue-laminated Timber Advantages And Disadvantages

Glue-laminated timber advantages and disadvantages

Glue-laminated timber is also known as glulam timber. Several pieces of wood are glued together under pressure and heat, forming a large wooden structure; this structure is known as Glue-laminated timber. Glue-laminated timber is used as vertical columns, horizontal beams, and arches. Glue-laminated wood can be easily bent into curve shapes and is available in a variety of … Read more