About Me

Hello, My name is Brij. I have 7 years of woodworking experience. Woodworking has been the main business of my family. In these 7 years I have learned a lot about wood which I like to share through this blog.

Even today my grandfather’s hand tools are in the store room. Today he does not work due to old age but my father and I do this wood work and we like it.

Timber blogger shares brief information about wood and woodwork tools that help woodworkers to make a amazing project. I post about types of wood and their uses.

The tradition of woodworking has been going on for centuries. In this modern time, many such machines and tools have come, which have made wood working easier. There are many materials alternatives to wood but natural wood cannot be replaced by any engineered material.

When you touch a wooden furniture or structure with your fingers, you experience a natural texture whereas an engineered material does not.