Aircraft Plywood | What is Aircraft Plywood Used For?

Aircraft Plywood

What is Aircraft Plywood? Aircraft plywood is also known as airplane plywood, it is stronger, stable, and lighter than standard plywood. Aircraft plywood is mainly designed for aircraft construction. Choosing the right materials for your project is important, but when you’re looking for materials to build an airplane or boat, it’s even more important to … Read more

Sanded Plywood | Why Should You Choose?

What is Sanded Plywood

What is Sanded Plywood? Sanded plywood is a type of engineered plywood whose front and back piles are sanded to create a smooth appearance. Its core is composed of three or more layers of cross-laminated wood veneer where each layer is oriented perpendicular to the previous. Sanded plywood is an excellent choice for exterior and … Read more

What is MR glue?

What is MR glue

MR glue is a type of glue that has moisture-resistant properties and is used to make moisture-resistant plywood or furniture. It can withstand cold water and hot water for a short time. Here “MR” stands for “moisture resistant”. Moisture resistance means the ability of a material to resist absorbing moisture or when immersed in water. … Read more

Structural Plywood | Everything You Need To Know

What is Structural Plywood

What is Structural Plywood? Structural plywood is a type of plywood designed to be high strength and stable. It is a perfect choice for long-term load carrying and structural performance. Structural plywood, also known as sheathing plywood, is made of layers of thin sheets. The grain of each layer is glued in a direction perpendicular … Read more