Wenge vs Walnut Wood | Uses, Workability, and Price

Wenge vs Walnut Wood

Wenge wood Wenge wood(Millettia laurentii) is known for its high density, durability, natural color, and rot-resistant properties. It is a versatile wood that is used for many purposes. Wenge wood is an excellent choice for any interior and exterior project, widely used for flooring and musical instruments.  Wenge wood is also known as faux Ebony, … Read more

Maple Wood | Uses, Color, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Maple Wood

Maple is a hardwood, Used for quality flooring, furniture, plywood, and veneers sheet. Hemlock is hard, heavy, and stable wood. Maple is not rot-resistant, So it is suitable for indoor construction. It has a great dark brown appearance, which gives amazing results after finishing. There are approximately 132 species of maple trees and scrub(some scrub … Read more

Meranti vs Pine Wood | What are the differences?

Meranti vs Pine Wood

Meranti Wood Meranti is moderately durable, stable, and affordable hardwood. It is native to Southeast Asia. Meranti wood is versatile wood, widely used for all types of wooden projects. general constriction and making quality plywood. Meranti wood is susceptible to insect attack and is moderately rot-resistant. Hence it is not considered better for external use … Read more