How Long Can Plywood Be Exposed to Rain?

How Long Can Plywood Be Exposed to Rain

Plywood is a versatile and popular building material made by gluing multiple thin sheets of wood veneer together with the grains of each layer running at right angles to the adjacent layers. Plywood is stronger than solid wood because of its cross-grain construction. Rain resistance in plywood varies based on several key factors: type, thickness, … Read more

Maple vs Birch Plywood | Which One Is Good for Cabinets?

Maple vs Birch plywood

Today, we have many choices of plywood materials, so it is difficult for us to choose one among them, and it is very confusing. Often, a question comes to our mind: which plywood is better for our use? Among the many types of plywood, maple and birch plywood are famous and widely used for home … Read more

Birch Plywood : Pros, Cons, and Uses

Birch Plywood : Pros, Cons, and User Experiences

Birch plywood is very strong and stable and is used for many applications such as millwork, furniture, cabinets, and flooring. But wait, birch plywood is not perfect for all application situations. So, before using Birch plywood, you should know more about it, which can save both your money and time. Birch plywood is made from … Read more

RTD vs CDX Plywood : What’s the Difference?

RTD vs CDX plywood

RTD plywood is more water-resistant, durable and stable than CDX plywood and can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and weather. The main difference between RTD and CDX plywood is their manufacturing process. RTD plywood is manufactured with a quality control system using a Temperature Detectors device to maintain the correct temperature during the bonding of each layer. On … Read more

RTD Plywood : Uses, Pros and Cons

RTD Plywood

RTD Plywood stands for “Resistance Temperature Detector”. It is an engineered wood product primarily designed for walls and roof sheathing. RTD plywood is extremely water resistant and can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture or extreme weather. The name of RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) plywood is strange. After all, what could be the meaning of Temperature … Read more

What are The Different Grades Of Marine Plywood?

marine plywood grades

There are different grades of marine plywood; available grades are A-A, A-B, B-B, MDO (Medium-density overlay), and HDO (High-density overlay). Plywood grades can vary depending on the country or region. A-A Grade A-A grade is also known as an exterior grade. It is considered the highest quality plywood as it uses A-grade veneer on both sides of … Read more