Spanish Cedar vs Western Red Cedar | What are the differences?

Spanish Cedar vs Western Red Cedar

Cedar is a wonderful wood species. It is a durable and strong softwood. Cedar doesn’t shrink, swell, warp. Therefore it is an excellent choice for exterior siding. Spanish cedar is harder than western red cedar. Western red cedar has straight grain while Spanish cedar may also have interlocked grain. Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata) Spanish cedar … Read more

Cedar vs Pine Wood | Difference Between Wood, Tree, and Fence?

Cedar Vs Pine

Cedar wood is stronger, durable, and more resistant than Pine Wood. The color of Pine Wood is light, whereas Cedar is slightly darker than Pine.  Cedar and Pine are both popular woods that are most commonly used for making furniture, flooring, and fences. So it isn’t easy to choose between these two types of wood, … Read more

Port Orford Cedar vs Western Red Cedar Wood

western red cedar

Port Orford Cedar wood is stronger, more stable, and heavier than Western Red Cedar. Port Orford has a straight and regular grain with a moderate natural luster. Cedar Wood is an excellent choice for clothing storage because of its aromatic smell. Port Orford Cedar Wood Port Orford Cedar is also known as Lawson Cypress. The wood … Read more

Northern White Cedar: Uses, Identification, Pros and Cons

Northern White Cedar

Introduction Northern white cedar is a straight-grained, gray or brown tropical hardwood species with occasional knots. It has richly textured grain with warm, making it suitable for shingles and furniture. Northern White Cedar, also known as Eastern Arborvitae, and its scientific name “Thuja occidentalis”. It is native to eastern Canada, north-central, and northeastern United States. Various … Read more