Wenge vs Walnut Wood | Uses, Workability, and Price

Wenge vs Walnut Wood

Wenge wood Wenge wood(Millettia laurentii) is known for its high density, durability, natural color, and rot-resistant properties. It is a versatile wood that is used for many purposes. Wenge wood is an excellent choice for any interior and exterior project, widely used for flooring and musical instruments.  Wenge wood is also known as faux Ebony, … Read more

African Walnut vs American Walnut | Uses, Workability and Price

African walnut vs American walnut

African walnut (Lovoa Trichilioides) African walnut is a moderately strong and durable hardwood, also it has good working properties. The grain of African walnut is slightly interlocked and has a uniform texture. It is widely used for plywood and veneer sheets. African walnut is not related to true walnuts in the Juglans genus But is … Read more

Claro Walnut vs Black Walnut Wood | What Are The Differences?

Claro Walnut vs Black Walnut

Walnut wood is dark, hard, dense, and tight-grained. It is known for its great color, grain, and reliability. Walnut wood comes from the trees that are the common source of edible walnuts. Claro walnut is harder and more expensive than black walnut. Claro walnut wood is light pale brown while black walnut is lighter pale … Read more

Oak vs Walnut vs Rosewood | What’s the Difference?

Oak vs Walnut vs Rosewood

Introduction Oak is native to the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 500 species of oak. All these species have almost the same habit. The famous oak species are White Oak, Black Oak, Red oak, Willow oak, and many. Oak Wood is strong, hard, heavy. It has great workability. Walnut has many species such as … Read more