Loblolly Pine vs Slash Pine | Which Wood is Best for Application?

Loblolly Pine vs Slash Pine

Loblolly Pine(Pinus taeda) is an evergreen coniferous species of Pine(Pinus). It is native to the Southeastern United States. Loblolly pine is a common species of tree in the United States. It is a versatile pine species, used for Furniture, pulpwood, plywood, composite boards, posts, poles, pilings, crates, boxes, pallets, etc. Loblolly Pine is preferred for … Read more

Cedar vs Pine | Difference Between Wood, Tree, and Fence?

Cedar Vs Pine

Cedar(Cedrus) is known for making quality furniture. It gives a great appearance and durability. Cedar has natural rot and decay resistance properties. Which makes it suitable for external applications. Its many special properties make it different from many other softwoods.  Cedar is not a wood of a particular species. Rather cedar includes many species of … Read more

Jack Pine | Tree Uses, Identification, and Jack Pine Bonsai

Jack Pine

Introduction Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) is known for making quality Pulpwood, boxes/crates, and poles. It has great workability properties. It is native to the northeastern United States and Canada. Jack Pine Wood is medium to low durability quality, Therefore it is not suitable for extreme weather and external application. Jack Pine belongs to the Pinaceae … Read more

Pine Wood Properties | Types of Pine Trees and Uses

Pine wood properties

Introductions Pine(Pinus)  belongs to the family of trees known as conifers. Conifers are a group of cone-bearing seed plants. The leaves of pine are thin and have a needle-like appearance. It is usually found in a variety of locations in Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe.  Pine trees are evergreen. Pine would be considered softwood. That … Read more

Beech vs Pine Wood | Which is Best for Your Furniture?

Beech vs Pine Wood

Beech (Fagus) Beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees and native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America. Fagus has stout trunks and smooth silver-gray bark. The leaf becomes dark green in summer and vibrant copper in autumn. European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is a well-known wood species widely available across Europe. It is used for … Read more