Lignum Vitae Wood, Uses, Pros And Cons

Lignum Vitae Wood

Lignum vitae wood comes from trees of the genus Guaiacum, native to Central America and northern South America. The name “lignum vitae” means “wood of life” in Latin, which refers to the durability and hardness of the wood. What is Lignum Vitae Wood? Lignum vitae is one of the world’s hardest and most durable woods. … Read more

Zebrawood | Uses, Pros and Cons


What is Zebrawood? Zebrawood is also durable, strong, and resistant to insect damage hardwood. It is native to West Africa. Zebrawood is a versatile wood frequently used for furniture, flooring, and boatbuilding. The wood is named for its distinctive striped appearance, with dark brown and light brown stripes resembling a zebra’s lines. Zebrawood is popular for … Read more

White Oak Wood – Things to Know Before Using

White oak wood

White oak wood is a hard, durable, and moisture-resistant hardwood native to eastern North America. It is a popular wood for furniture, flooring, and boatbuilding. Oak wood has an attractive appearance and a straight grain that gives excellent results after the finish.  There are many oak species, but only a few species are famous for … Read more

Tigerwood | Is Tigerwood Good For Decking?

what is tigerwood

Tigerwood is a very durable, dense, and weather-resistant hardwood species native from Mexico southward to Brazil. It is famous for many characteristics, but one of them is its unique and beautiful texture. The scientific name of tigerwood is Astronium fraxinifolium, also known as Goncalo Alves, Jobillo.  Tigerwood gets its name from the unique blend of … Read more

Fire Resistant Wood

Fire Resistant Wood

Fire-resistant wood refers to wood that has basic or advanced fire-resistant properties. Fire-resistant wood prevents the spread of fire and keeps it safe. It wood is more expensive than ordinary wood, and sometimes it can be rare. It requires less maintenance and care than ordinary wood. Fire-resistant woods are stable, durable, and a strong choice for … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Padauk vs Bubinga Wood?

Difference Between Padauk vs Bubinga Wood

Padauk wood is more durable and resistant to termites and insects than Bubinga wood. Both woods are used for making furniture and flooring. There are many reasons why Paduk and Bubinga wood are popular, such as both species have excellent appearance, durability, and stability. In this blog post, I share the difference between Padauk and … Read more