Meranti vs Pine Wood | What are the differences?

Meranti vs Pine Wood

Meranti Wood Meranti is moderately durable, stable, and affordable hardwood. It is native to Southeast Asia. Meranti wood is versatile wood, widely used for all types of wooden projects. general constriction and making quality plywood. Meranti wood is susceptible to insect attack and is moderately rot-resistant. Hence it is not considered better for external use … Read more

Meranti Wood vs Mahogany | Uses, Workability and Wood Color

Meranti Wood vs Mahogany

Mahogany wood is more durable, stable, and stronger than Meranti wood. Mahogany is known to be a premium expensive hardwood. Meranti is moderately durable wood good for furniture. Meranti wood (Shorea spp.) Meranti is medium density hardwood, It gives a pale pink to brown and reddish-brown appearance. Wood is versatile wood used for many purposes, … Read more