Okoume Marine Plywood Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Okoume Marine Plywood is classified as per BS-1088. BS-1088 British Standard for Marine Plywood. Okoume is also known as Gaboon or Combogala and Okoume Mahogany. Its color can be golden, honey.

Okoume plywood has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It also has excellent moisture resistance. So, it is the first choice for racing boats, kitchen cabinetmaking, furniture, and most marine applications. Okoume plywood is made from Okoume wood.

The core of Okoume Marine plywood can be made from pine and poplar To give it added strength.

Uses of Okoume Marine Plywood

Uses of Okoume Marine Plywood
Uses of Okoume Marine Plywood

Okoume plywood is primarily used for exterior and marine applications. 

Boats making: Okoume plywood can be easily folded due to its lameness properties. These properties make it easier to use in making boats and their parts. This is a good, durable material. Which is the perfect material for marine applications.

Kitchen Cabinets: You can reface kitchen cabinets using Okoume plywood. Okoume plywood is more durable for kitchen cabinets and also gives an attractive looks.

Deck Components: It is used for deck components where moisture resistance and weight are important factors. It has been durable for several decades but needs regular maintenance.

Hatches: A Hatch is a small door or opening (as in an airplane or spaceship). The hatch made for the boat is exposed to moisture over time. Therefore, marine plywood is the first preference to make the hatch.

Kayak: Kayak is a type of boat that is thin and small and is used by one person at a time. Paddle they use to propel the boat. A strong, light, and water-resistant. Okoume Marine Plywood is the best construction material for Kayak boats.

Other marine applications

Hydroplane Racing Boat, Hull Components, Canoes, Sail Boats, Decks, and Bulkheads.


It is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses in the market. Such as…

Lengths: 98″, 122″ and many more

Widths: 48″, 60″ and many more

Thickness: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm

Standard: BS1088 Grade

The Advantage of Okoume Marine Plywood

Durability and Strength: No other plywood is more durable than marine-grade plywood. Marine Plywood is always better than common plywood, even if you want to use it for exterior, interior, and marine applications. This will always give a better response.

Easy to Cut in Shapes: Okoume Marine plywood is mostly used for making boats and boat parts. Boats require many intricate curved structures. So, Okoume marine plywood can be easily cut into any shape and size.

Availability:  Available in different thicknesses and size options. We can choose marine plywood in many sizes as per our requirements. Whereas solid wood has to be made in the proper size and thickness on work requirements.

Cost-Effective:  Marine plywood is always cost-effective compared to solid wood, and its Maintenance also seems low.

The Disadvantage of Okoume Marine Plywood

You must know the disadvantages before using Okoume Marine Plywood.

No Rot Resistance: Okoume plywood is not chemically treated. Which is likely to cause termites and fungus. If it is not maintained on time, it starts to rot within a few months.

Difficult to Recognise: It is difficult for a common person (who does not have much knowledge about plywood) to identify marine-grade plywood. So, to avoid cheating, always buy from trusted plywood manufacturers.

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Can bend or sag: Yes, Marine or other commercial plywood Can bend or sag when longer pieces are used. Therefore, solid wood is needed to support for large pieces.

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