Albasia Wood Properties, Uses, and Advantage

Albasia wood is also known by another Latin name Albizia Falcata. Albasia wood has been a constructor’s choice due to its excellent properties. It is a very light yellowish timber, lighter than most pine species. This wood can be ready to harvest in about 3 to 4 years because it is a fast-growing tree in the legume family. In The Philippines Country, they are ready to be harvested in 6-8 years.

This wood is mostly found in Indonesia. Albania trees can easily grow in different climates. Such as in high and low areas or where rainfall is more or less frequent. Due to which it is easily found in large quantities in most of the country.

Its demand has been consistently in North Africa and the Middle East. The farmer will get sales of about US $ 125,000 / hectare in 5 years. After drying completely, this wood has 8 to 12% moisture content.

Albasia tree can be up to 1 meter in diameter and is about 30 meters tall. Trees can be closely spaced in 1,000–2,000 trees/ha. Due to the proper distance between trees, they grow straight and taller.

Albasia Wood Uses

Commercial uses: Albasia Falcata is a softwood. It is used to make many applications such as match-sticks, chopsticks, shipping pallets, and wooden art.

Plywood: Plywood is an important material in the construction field that is used in many applications. Lightweight plywood made from Albasia wood. Which is in highest demand. The use of lightweight plywood is beneficial in the lightweight construction sector. It is also used to make finger joint laminated products.

It is available in the market in 1,8 mm to 50 mm thickness.

Paper: Its pulp is used to make paper and cardboard.

Crates and cases: This wood is used to make boxes for parcels of goods and wooden cases. 

Furniture: This Albasia wood is used to make interior furniture. Such as tables, beds, boards, doors, chairs, musical instruments, blockboards and hardboards, fuelwood, and more.

Beams: Albasia wood is a lightweight, straight grain but still very tough and strong. Due to these properties, it is also used to make beams.

Albasia wood Advantages

Fast Growing: It is a very fast-growing tree. So farmers can harvest within 6-8 years.

Durable: This wood is durable. But it can be used to make interior furniture. It is not good for exterior purposes.

Bright Color: It is pinkish, yellowish, or reddish-brown in color. Due to the excellent color properties. It can be used to add aesthetic properties, especially to decorate your room and offices.

Availability: It is easily available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Easy to Work: Albasia Wood can be easily worked with. This wood can be easily cut into any shape and size. Albasia wood is mostly used in making small structures.

Albasia wood Disadvantages

Care: When the Albasia tree is small, it has to be taken care of initially. Because they grow fast, they need support. If they are not supported, then their trees get twisted and do not grow in proper length.

Exterior Applications: Exterior Applications: It is a softwood that has some limitations like it cannot be used in exterior applications.

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