6 Parquet Flooring Design Idea

Parquet flooring is made from small blocks of wood or Parquet tiles arranged in geometric patterns. It has been used for centuries and became more popular during the 16th century.

Parquet flooring is known for its eco-friendly properties and dramatic appearance, obtained by arranging wooden blocks in various designs. Blocks are usually made from different types of wood, providing contrast in colors and grain patterns.

Traditionally, wooden floors were made by hand, with each wooden block cut and arranged sequentially. However, modern parquet flooring is often pre-manufactured and comes in panels or tiles, making installation easier.

This blog post will share 6 Designs Ideas for Parquet Flooring.

There are many design options available for Parquet Flooring. Here are some standard design options:


Herringbone design is made-up of arranging equal-size rectangular tiles in a zigzag pattern resembling the bones of a fish. So it’s also known as the fishbone pattern. The herringbone pattern is a classic and popular choice for parquet flooring.

The herringbone pattern was popular in ancient Rome, where the herringbone pattern was used for stone flooring. Another reason for the herringbone pattern being famous is that it is easy to install.


The chevron pattern is similar to herringbone, but in a chevron design, each tile fits together at 45-degree angles to meet in a V-shaped pattern, while In herringbone, tiles are fitted together at 90-degree angles. Planks are cut at an angle, creating a continuous zigzag pattern.

Chevron pattern tiles are a bit more challenging to carve than Herringbone (If you are making the tiles yourself) because both sides of each tile must be cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Basket Weave

It was first established in France in the mid to late 1600s. Basket weave designs look like a woven sweater or basket-like pattern, which is achieved by arranging parquet tiles in a crisscross pattern. It creates a visually appealing effect and gives a unique touch to the floor.

Rows of 2, 4 or 6 wooden tiles can be placed in a square. The number of tiles in a square depends on the width of the tiles. The basket weave pattern is easy to install, care for and maintain.

Brick Bond

The Brick Bond pattern is one of the most popular and common Parquet Flooring designs. Rectangular uniform parquet tiles are arranged in a staggered pattern, similar to a traditional brick wall. It creates a linear and uniform appearance.


The Versailles pattern is a highly intricate and ornate wood flooring design inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France. The Versailles pattern combines squares and rectangles arranged in a symmetrical layout.

Versailles patterns often used high-quality hardwoods, with popular wood species including oak, walnut, and mahogany. Versailles pattern is a complex structure that requires a well-experienced person to install it.

Dutch Pattern

Dutch Pattern is considered an old pattern, but many owners still like it. It is also known as the Dutch brick pattern. To install the Dutch pattern, three or four strips of Parquet tiles are placed vertically, then one tile is placed horizontally. 

It is known for its classic pattern and ease of installation.

Custom Designs

Parquet flooring can be customized to create unique designs to suit individual preferences. Custom parquet flooring designs are created based on interior styles, wood species, and colors.

Nowadays, many Parquet tiles manufacturing companies are selling their custom design on a square tile, which can be easily installed.