Sapele vs Walnut: Difference between Black Walnut and English Walnut

Sapele vs Walnut

Sapele Sapele is an excellent wood species. It is used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, doors, and musical instruments. Sapele is also known by another name Sapelli or sapele mahogany. Sapele wood is also considered an alternative to mahogany. Because many of its properties are similar to mahogany. “Sapele” name comes from the city … Read more

What is Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and How It’s Made?

laminated veneer lumber

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood construction product. LVL is made of multiple veneer sheets and assembled with waterproof adhesives. It is used in headers, beams, rim boards, truck bed decking, roadway signposts, trusses, and many other applications. LVL is an innovation for the construction field. It is such a discovery of engineering … Read more

What is Sapele Wood? Sapele Uses, Advantages and disadvantage

Sapele Wood

The scientific name of Sapele Wood is Entandrophragma cylindricum. Sapele wood is used in the manufacture of fine furniture, cabinets, and doors. Sapele is a golden to dark reddish-brown color. Color tends to darken with age. It is famous for its hardness, dark brown color, and well finishing. Sapele is known by another name Sapele … Read more

Mahogany vs Sapele: Which is Best Wood?

Mahogany vs Sapele

Sapele wood is harder and stronger than Mahogany, but mahogany wood is darker and more popular than Sapele. Sapele and Mahogany are very similar to each other in many respects. Hence Sapele wood is the first alternative to Mahogany. Mahogany Wood Mahogany is a durable, stable, and rot-resistant hardwood. It is famous for many reasons, such … Read more

Mahogany Wood Properties and Uses – All About Mahogany

Mahogany Wood Properties and Uses

Mahogany is beauty, durability, and versatility hardwood widely used for making high-quality furniture, boat building, musical instruments and decorative items. Mahogany wood is native to Central and South America. It usually comes in deep red-brown and reddish-brown color. Its attractive dark brown color and uniform texture set it apart from other hardwoods. Although mahogany is … Read more

Mahogany Wood Advantages and Disadvantages

Mahogany Wood Advantages and Disadvantages

Mahogany wood is a hardwood variety of wood mostly found in North and Central America. Mahogany is very commonly used in America for many purposes and applications. It is very famous for its durability, rot resistance and appearance. It takes polishes and oils very well. After finishing, it gives excellent results. Mahogany Wood is perfect … Read more