What is Composite Siding? | Pros and Cons Of Composite Siding

Composite Siding is the engineered material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house, apartments, or other buildings. Along with the walls, the roof can be covered by composite material. So that the whole building looks the same and gives a uniform look.

It makes the wall attractive as well as protects from dust, rain, moisture, and sunlight. Composite siding doubles or quadruples the life of the wall and roof.

Siding has been in use for a long time. Wood siding was very popular during the 1920s. Real solid wood siding is very expensive. If you are planning for a small area. Then maybe it is affordable. But still, it depends on your choice of wood species and grade.

Redwood, cypress, cedar, spruce, etc. are considered better for siding but they are expensive. A durable siding requires wood to have resistance to rot and water. 

So composite siding material is completely different from wood siding. The way to install composite siding is also very easy compared to wood siding

What is a Composite Siding Made out of?

composite Siding

A composite material is a combination of two or more materials. The physical and chemical properties of all the mixed materials may differ from each other.  All materials are bonded with resin and treated with chemicals. So that enhanced the properties of the material. The finished product is superior durable, rot, decay, and water-resistant.

Composite material built with recycled plastic , fibrous wood pieces and additional materials. Some composite siding panels look exactly like wood because they have the same texture and pattern as wood. Some are plain and some panels come in many textures. There are many types of composite siding material. You can choose according to your preference.

What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl is a slightly different material than composite. It is made of plastic and resin. If you want cheap siding, vinyl may be a better option. It has good durability and also has some degree of rot resistance.

Which is more durable between Composite Siding or Vinyl?

Composite siding is more durable than Vinyl. Composite siding is durable for about 30 to 35 years. Some companies also offer a 30 years warranty on the composite siding material. Composite material made from scrap wood and resin. 

Vinyl is made of plastic and resin. Whereas vinyl lasts only for 10 to 15 years. But if we talk about the price of vinyl siding, then it is less expensive than composite. Composite Siding and Vinyl Both can be easily installed.

Composite Siding Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Any construction material like engineered wood or any natural wood species has some flaws and qualities. Composite Siding Material is a great product and it has many properties but still, it has some drawbacks. It is very important to know them before using them. 

Composite Siding Pros

  • Inexpensive:  It is economical, Wood siding can be more expensive than a composite siding for the same area.
  • Appearance:This is a good alternative to wood siding. It almost looks like real wood.
  • Availability: It has a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. It is widely used around the world. So that it is present almost everywhere in a wide range.
  • Low maintenance: Whenever we talk about any construction material, then the cost of maintenance is very important. We always like to choose such material which is a one-time investment and low maintenance. Composite Siding requires less maintenance. Only requires re-painting every 8-10 years. It depends on the weather condition.
  • Easy intallation: It is a ready-made panel that is very easy to install. There are design panels for the wall and roof corner.
  • UV-resistance: The composite siding prevents harmful ray VU. Which is a great benefit of composite siding. It can withstand temperature fluctuations.
  • Durability: Composite siding has great durability. It is resistant to water damage, Weather damage, Warping, Fungus, pastes, Mold, and mildew. The life span of composite siding is about 25-30 years. It has almost twice the lifespan of vinyl siding. 

Composite Siding Cons

  • Color Fade over time: Composite Siding fades with time. Some good brands of siding materials perform better but not all.
  • Cracks: As we know that composite material is made of resin. Due to continuous sunlight and bad weather, the crack starts. A small crack can allow moisture to penetrate. So there is a possibility of damaging other siding panels.
  • Natural appearance: Overall this is a composite material. It does not give a natural appearance and texture like natural wood grain.

Composite Siding Types

Lap Siding (Horizontal siding)

Lap siding is a type of siding that is installed horizontally. Most people like it and This type of siding have been used for a long time. There are many reasons to prefer it as it is less expensive than vertical siding and gives a traditional look. It can be easily installed, repaired, and replaced.

If we talk about the drawback of lap siding. So there is more chance of getting moisture in it. Also, it is difficult to clean it. Because composite boards overlap on top of each other. It required a lot of time and special equipment to clean it.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is a type of siding that is installed top to bottom (Vertically). We can call this modern siding style. It is currently in trend. It is more durable.

But It is a bit more expensive and it takes a long time to install compared to the Lap Siding. An expert can install it in a better way.

Shingle Siding

Shingle siding

It’s a very old trend here. But even today people like it Shingle Panels are small pieces of composite. They are approximately 8-1/2 inches x 60-3/4 inches or larger pieces.

Although they take more time to install than vertical and horizontal panels. The main benefits of shingle siding are the traditional look and low maintenance. Because when one of its shingle panels is damaged, only they need to be replaced. They cost less than a large panel.

Can you do the siding yourself?

Yes, you can do the seeding by yourself. If you have already done some DIY projects then it can be even easier for you.

Composite Siding is easy to install because in this you have to install panels in the already made sockets. It is available in many shapes and sizes so that you do not have to work too much on your own.

But solid wood siding can be a bit tricky. Because you may have to do a lot of work in it. You need to have the experience to perfect wood siding.

Roof siding is slightly different from wall siding. Roofing is not easy. it may have to face many challenges. Such as height, corner fixing, and many more. 

Safety first: Take full care of your safety before starting the work. Use gloves in hands and glass for eyes.

Tips: If you are doing siding for the first time then you should start with a small area first. If you are facing any kind of difficulty in installation then take advice from your nearest siding expert.

How to Clean Composite Siding?

How to clean composite siding

Wall and roof siding constantly faces outdoor dust and weather. Dust and moisture accumulated on the siding surface cause rot and leak. In such a situation, regular cleaning of the siding is needed to extend its life. 

You can do the cleaning of the siding on your own, for this, you do not need an expert. But if you are cleaning at a high altitude then you can hire an expert agency.

To clean composite siding, follow these steps:

  • In the first step, spray water through a high-pressure nozzle such as a garden hose. So that all the dust will be removed. But always spray from top to bottom. Take care that water does not enter between the siding panels.
  • In the second step, mix one part bleach or detergent with three parts water and spray the mixer again on the siding. You leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • After this, clean the entire siding area by spraying it with clean water. Do not leave detergent or bleach anywhere, clean thoroughly. If the dust has accumulated for a long time, then you can use a soft brush to clean it.
  • If any kind of rotting panel is seen, then replace it, it can be harmful to the adjacent panels.

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