The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wood Siding


Today we will talk to you in this blog about the advantages and disadvantages of wood siding. In today’s modern time we have a lot of options for house siding. Which is quite similar to Wood but not Wood. If you want to do house siding and you want a natural wooden look, then you have many options. 

People have been using home siding for centuries. Even before this, people lived in houses made entirely of wood. In which bricks, cement, and concrete were not used, wooden pillars and thick sticks were used for support.

Even today people prefer this wooden pattern house for which they spend more money. In many countries, people live by building houses with pure wood.

In places where there is always a natural problem. There is no danger of living in a wooden house, and in a natural disaster, there is little loss.

But if you want natural wood siding. Then you should look for a good durable wood that is right for you. So before you do wood siding, you need to be aware of what you should take care of. 

So, First of all, we will know the advantages of wood siding

Advantages of wood siding

1. Easy to paint

If you are thinking of wood siding. So it is easy to paint on the siding and if you want to enjoy the wood pattern of your choice,

So you can simply polish the wood so that it increases the life of your wood as it protects the wood from insects and the heat of the sun.

After years, when the color of the siding starts to decrease, you can repaint it and reinstall it.

2. Wood is an environmentally-friendly choice

Wood is an environmentally-friendly choice
Wood is an environmentally-friendly choice

Wooden siding is an environmentally friendly option. If we talk about environmentally friendly, then no other material is better than wood for siding. There can be no harm of any kind in the house or around the house with its use.

It is easily decomposed. After years the wood will get spoiled in nature, even then it can be used in manure or other works.

There are many other materials available in the market for house siding such as Vinyl Siding but it can never be environmentally friendly. So if you are thinking of wood siding then you are also doing good work for nature.

3. Wooden siding is easy to repair

Yes, wood siding is easy to repair. We use wooden blocks. If there is a hole in any part of the wall or roof, it can be easily fixed with putty.

Most siding is tightened with screws that loosen over time, which can be easily tightened.

Due to a major problem with the wall or roof part, you can completely replace that woodblock. The newly installed woodblock piece will be readily available at the nearest woodshop.

4. Woods and material for Siding

The woods and materials used in wood siding are easily available in the market. If we choose wood siding, then we get wood of different textures in many variants. 

Some wood is used for siding.


Pinewood is the most used wood in North America and is easily found. It is mainly of two types of white pine and yellow pine.

White pine is used in finishing projects while yellow pine is used for framing.

Painting to protect pine from worms and sun rays is a must.


Fir wood is also like pine. But it is easily found in long lengths. This wood is very easy to cut and install. It is easily patterned like other softwoods.


Cedarwood is known for its grain and rot resistance. Its use is perfect for indoor and outdoor siding. Cedar is mainly used in shakes and shingles because it is dimensionally stable. grade A seeder can be a bit expensive as its grain and texture is better than the rest of the grade


Redwood is quite famous for its grain and look and is the perfect wood for siding. This wood is suitable for every season, it can withstand excessive sunlight and moisture. Redwoods have less care than other wood.

This wood is not only the top surface but the entire wood is protected from termites and insects.


Spruce wood comes from the softwood family of pine. This wood is also very famous for siding. This wood is mainly used for boards siding. 

Like pine, this wood is also not a pesticide, so it is a little difficult to maintain, but by using paint or polish, we can protect it for a long time.

5. Durability for wooden siding

The durability of wood siding is very good. There is wood in the market that can keep your house siding strong for many decades.

If you keep taking care of your house siding once every 5 years, then its durability can be doubled. Although durability depends on wood it is believed that wooden siding lasts for about 30-40 years and even more.

Disadvantages of wood siding

1. Worms and insects

Insects and insects are the biggest threat to wood, which gradually degrades the entire woodblock.

There are many kinds of wood available in the market. They keep themselves protected from worms and insects, but the price of such wood is very high.

Moist wood is more prone to termites, and if one part of the siding is termite, it can gradually eliminate the whole. Therefore, you should periodically spray some insecticide with paint and polish.

2. Maintenance

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wood Siding

As we have already said, that worms and insects are very harmful to wooden siding.

To avoid this problem, we need regular maintenance. This maintenance should be done every third to fifth year. In this maintenance, we should take care of some special things like

Check that there are no worms in any block. If seen, the block should be removed immediately and sprayed with pesticides in that area.

Second, if a woodblock is moved from its place, fix it immediately. Failure to do so may cause other blocks to fall from their place.

3. Cost

Cost, no doubt, wooden siding is more expensive than many other siding materials.

Many kinds of wood are so expensive that you can use many other materials in the same budget and make many house siding.

But once, we should understand that the wood that gives us a rich look and texture will never be able to give other siding materials.

If we talk about Vinyl Siding which is available at a much lower price than wood siding and there is also durability from wood for longer.

4. Fire resistance

Fire resistance can also be a big problem when you live in an area where there are frequent incidents of fire due to falling lightning.

Wood siding in such an area can be dangerous for itself. And if you want to be installed for wood siding, then it should be kept away from fire. By the way, such wood is available in the market which has a higher fire-resistance rating which you can use.


So dear friend, we saw the advantages and disadvantages of wood siding. By the way, each material has some advantages and disadvantages.

But when it comes to the natural wood pattern and look, there is no option other than wood. If you too are thinking about this material then you should think about your wood once more.

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