Plywood vs Solid Wood | Which One is Best for You?

Plywood vs Wood

Solid wood and Plywood are very useful materials for construction. Plywood is an engineered product and Plywood made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer. Whereas solid wood we get directly from the tree.  First, Plywood was introduced into the United States in 1865. Due to its amazing characteristics, it is now used all over … Read more

Cherry vs Mahogany | Which One is Best for You?

Cherry vs Mahogany

Cherry Wood Cherry is a fruit and woody tree. Its wood is known for its durability, stability, and great appearance. The origin of cherry is North America. In the USA, most sweet cherries are grown in Washington, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Cherry’s furniture is mostly used for central rooms like dining rooms and bedrooms. … Read more

Ebony Wood | Types of Ebony, Uses, Pros, and Cons

Ebony Wood Properties

Introduction Ebony Woods is known for making quality cabinet work, inlaying, musical instrument parts, and ornamental objects. It gives a great dark appearance, Ebony is good resistance to termites and insects. Due to its great stability and durability, it is suitable to use for furniture. It has many special properties that make it different from … Read more

What is Manufactured Wood? | Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Manufactured Wood

Introduction Manufactured wood is made by binding the sawdust, fiber, and small pieces of real wood together with strong adhesives. Manufactured wood is also called Engineered wood, mass timber, man-made wood. Nowadays Engineered wood is widely used for interior and exterior applications. It looks like wood but it is not solid wood. It is stronger … Read more

Claro Walnut | Uses, Workability, Pros and Cons

Claro Walnut

What is Claro Walnut? Claro walnut(Juglans Hindsii) is a species of walnut tree. It is also known as California Black Walnut, Northern California walnut, and Hinds’ black walnut and It is native to California and Oregon. It grows very fast in a good climate. Therefore, its needs are met from the market. Claro walnut is … Read more