What is Lap Siding? | Lap Siding Pros and Cons

What is Lap Siding?

What is Lap Siding? Lap siding is a type of siding that is installed horizontally. This is the most common and popular siding type. As the name suggests “lap” consists of one panel overlapping the other. There are also many types of lap siding. Such as Clapboard Siding, Beaded Lap Siding, Dutch Lap, Shiplap Siding, … Read more

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wood Siding

the advantages and disadvantages of wood siding

Nowadays, we have many Engineered Wood Siding options. Many of them are cheaper and more durable than wood but do not have the properties of natural wood. People have used home siding for centuries to protect walls from outdoor elements. There are many species of wood. Wood siding has its own characteristics and cons that … Read more