What is DuraTemp Siding? | Installation, Finishing, and Maintenance


DuraTemp is a real wood plywood panel siding product of Roseburg. It is a better siding choice for sheds, outdoor buildings, houses, and more. DuraTemp is made from wood, and a 100% renewable resource. It has great water and rots resistance properties.  

DuraTemp siding material has great lasting durability, strength, and stiffness. The best thing about the DuraTemp is that it is free of patches and repairs. It gives texture and grain-like real cedar Wood.

This opposite side also gives a real plywood appearance so that you do not need to spend extra to cover it.

DuraTemp Specification

Groove Patterns:4”, 8”
Lengths: 80-1/4″, 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’
Thickness:15/32’’, 19/32’’
Finish:Natural, Primed
Siding Grade:APA & PS 1 Specifications
Face Species:Hardboard
Inner Plies / Back Veneer:C grade or better western softwood
Adhesive Exterior:Fully water-resistant phenolic glue

Why should you choose DuraTemp?

There are hundreds of reasons to choose DuraTemp for siding. Some main reasons which I am sharing with you.

Great Real Wood Appearance: There are many siding materials that are not able to give wooden texture. DuraTemp has been successful in doing this. DuraTemp face is free of patches and repairs. It gives a real wood appearance. 

You get a lot of color and texture choices in DuraTemp material. Its surface holds paint easily, so you can repaint it in any color.

Lightweight: There are many siding materials in the market, which have a lot of weight, which makes it difficult to work with and transportation. DuraTemp weighs less than other materials.

Not harmful: Urea-formaldehyde, more commonly known as urea-methanal, is highly toxic to humans. Urea-formaldehyde is added to most siding materials for colorlessness, fast curing, water solubility, and low cost. But urea-formaldehyde is not added to DuraTemp. It is 100% safe for humans.

Great Warranty: 50-year limited warranty against mold, rot, and cracks.
Easy Installation: It can be easily installed and replaced.

DuraTemp Cons

High cost: DuraTemp is an expensive siding material. It is expensive as compared to most of the materials available in the market.

Regular maintenance: Due to continuous exposure to sunlight and dust, its color becomes lighter. Therefore there is a need for re-painting every 10 to 15 years and regular maintenance. And it becomes lighter in its color in 5 to 10 years.

Availability: This may be a new product for some areas and states. where its presence is less.

DuraTemp Installation 

Installing DuraTemp is almost identical to other siding installations. DuraTemp siding panels can be installed vertically directly onto the wall. All panel Board ends and edges should occur over framing. Keep 1/8” minimum gap between the panel edges and 1/8” gap between panel ends. It is very important to have the right gap between the panels.

Nail the siding 6″ to the center among panel ends, and 12″ on-center with central support. Use anti-rust nails. Use 6D box (2 inches long), casing, or siding nails for panels 1/2” thickness or less, and use 8D (2.5 inches long) for greater thickness (minimum of 3/8” from the panel edge).

Make sure the nail is penetrated at least 1″ when applied over wood or plywood sheathing. Always put the nail on the uniform space. So that the siding panels look uniform on the finished wall. Use leveling tools during installation and ensure that the panels have a straight installation.

The proper installation gives a great look and also increases the durability of boards. A standard wood tool can be used for the installation.

What not to do?

  • The Roseburg installation guide does not recommend using staplers and screws for team boards.


The siding finishing process requires that the siding be clean and dry properly. Proper finishing enhances durability and maintains the appearance for a long time.

Sealing is an essential part of siding finishing. After cleaning and drying,  apply two coats of primer and then paint. Acrylic-latex paint is great for sealing the wood from moisture and ultraviolet exposure from the sun. The paint creates a protecting layer between the exterior moisture and the panel.

It would be better if both the primer and paint are from the same manufacturers. Apply paint and primer with a brush or roller instead of a spray.


DuraTemp is a great product. It is necessary to maintain it in order to keep it great and durable. The exterior wall siding is constantly exposed to sunlight, dust, rain, and bad weather. In this case, it will cause any finish to show its age. 

Therefore, it is important to maintain quality and durability. Reapply a protective coating of primer and paint, When bare wood is exposed, or peeling and flaking are detected.