What is Car Siding? | How To Install Car Siding?

Car siding is a popular type of siding, reversible pattern, tongue-and-groove pattern profile called “Car Siding”. It has a V-Groove in the center of the board. Its board is wider approx 1×8″, due to being in the V-Groove center, one board gives the illusion of a narrower board (1×4″). It can be seen more clearly once it is installed on the wall.

Wood car siding is very famous, Which is been used for a long time. It is stable, durable, and easy to install. Car siding is widely used. It will be easily available to you almost online and at local stores. Tongue & Groove pattern boards are a great option for wall and ceiling applications. This board pattern allows you to choose the best one to compliment your decor.

The best thing about Car Siding is this is versatile, and Its design pattern is suitable for both interior and exterior application. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Many owners consider shiplap and car siding to be the same but both are different sidings. After installation, they look very similar to each other. The difference can be seen in shiplap and car siding boards.

Which Wood is Used for Car Siding and Why?

Pine and cedar are considered better for exterior siding. Cedar is more durable and stable than pine. Because cedar has low to medium natural rot-resistant properties, Cedar can withstand continuous bad weather, direct sunlight, and dust for a long period of time.

On the other hand, Pine is more affordable, It is not naturally rot-resistant and It is less durable than cedar. However, treated pine wood can be used. It works much better than ordinary pine wood. But treated pine wood is more expensive than ordinary pine.

#Cedar Wood Pine Wood
ColorPinkish-red color to dark colorYellowish or Whitish to Reddish-Brown
Wood TypeSoftwoodSoftwood
FinishingCedar has good finishing qualitiesGood finishing qualities
DurabilityIt is extremely durable. Due to its durability, it is used for Boat Making.Good durability for interior applications and overall good for exterior applications
Woods For Siding

Structure of Car Siding Boards

The tongue-and-groove pattern profile can be easily recognized. It is a bit wide. Because of V-Groove, one board shows like two boards. It generally comes in 1 × 6 – 8′, 10′, 12′, 16′ size. The Car siding gives an excellent rustic or cottage-style appearance.

Tongue and Groove Siding Pattern
Tongue and Groove Siding Pattern

Car Siding Cost

The average price of cedar and pine is approximately between $2.00 – $7.00 per square foot. You can get cheap wood car siding for interior use. The installation cost of real wood siding is about $6 – $12. This price may be different from state to state.

The price of a car siding depends on several factors such as location, wood species, and quality of wood. Wood is graded on the basis of quality such as Grade A, B, C, and so on. A grade wood is considered the best as it does not have defects and knots.

Generally, Grade A wood is used for exterior applications. B grade wood has minimum defects and knots. Its price is less than an A grade. Mainly it is used for interior applications.

Why should you choose car siding?

There are many reasons to choose a car siding. The owner must know before installing its feature.

  • More stable: Many production companies claim that the Kiln dried process is used to dry the wood. Kiln-dried is a better method so that the wood is more stable.
  • More Flexibility: Car and shiplap siding can both be used horizontally or vertically. You can choose its installation pattern according to you.
  • Wood quality: Wall siding is used for wall protection as well as for a luxurious appearance. That’s why wood quality matters a lot. Tight knots and uniform grain pattern wood are used for siding.

How to Install Tongue and Groove Siding?

car siding intallation guid
Car Siding Installation

Tongue and groove siding can be installed horizontally or vertically. It depends on you what kind of pattern you want to give to your wall.

If you are installing horizontally then go from bottom to top. The face of the grove edges should be towards the bottom। So that there will be no accumulation of water and dust.

In the vertical installation, you can start left then right, or right then left with a grooved edge toward.

Choose the nail based on the thickness of the siding boards. Make sure that the 1-1/2 inch nail is inserted into the support wall. Do the proper sealing during board installation. It is very important.

Safety First Take care of yourself and your team when working, wear gloves and safety glasses.

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