Marine Ply vs BWP | Marine and BWP Plywood Properties

Marine Ply vs BWP

Marine Plywood Marine-grade plywood is superior-quality hardwood plywood that is widely used for marine applications such as boats, the boat of parts, ports, and exterior uses. Marine plywood is the best furniture material. It can withstand any stream weather conditions for long periods of time.  Common interior plywood is made of 3 – 5 layers. … Read more

MDF vs Plywood: Everything you should know about MDF and plywood

MDF Vs Plywood

Medium-density fiberboard is made from fine pieces of wood mixed with wax and resin, while plywood is made by gluing several thin layers or “plies” of wood together. What is a Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)? Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product. MDF board is made by breaking softwood and hardwood into fine pieces and … Read more

What is J grade lumber and its Uses?

What is J grade lumber and its Uses?

J grade comes from the softwood species. SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir) lumber is found in the Canadian forest but there is a lot of demand in the Japanese market. This lumbar is called SPF because The characteristics of these woods are similar. This grade comes in white and bright in appearance and this grade has minimal defects. … Read more

Zinc Roofing Material Advantages and Disadvantages

Zinc Roofing Material

There is a lot of roofing material available in the market. Zinc is considered one of the best materials for roofing, Due to its excellent properties such as longevity, durability, malleability, good looking, flexibility, resiliency, aesthetic, prestige, and cost-effectiveness.  Even in the worst of weather, zinc roofs are known to last for hundreds of years … Read more

Okoume Marine Plywood Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

BS 1088 Okoume Marine Plywood

Okoume Marine plywood is graded as being compliant with BS-1088. BS-1088 British Standard for marine plywood. Okoume is also known as Gaboon or Combogala and Okoume Mahogany. It is a pinkish-brown or pale red hue color. Okoume plywood has a high strength to weight ratio. Due to its excellent properties, it is the first choice … Read more

Albasia Wood Properties, Uses, and Advantage

Albasia wood

Albasia wood is also known as Albizia wood or Albizia falcataria. Albasia is a very pale yellow softwood, lighter than most pine species. It is a preferred wood species for builders because of its excellent properties. The wood can be ready for harvesting in about 3 to 4 years as it is a fast growing … Read more