OSB vs CDX | What Is the Difference?


What are OSB and CDX and what are they used for? Often these questions are asked by owners. Nowadays, engineering wood is increasingly being used. Both OSB and CDX are engineering wood products and this engineering wood is made of real wood but it is not solid wood. In this blog, we will know what … Read more

Wood Engraving | Best Wood for Laser and Hand Engraving

Wood Engraving

What is Wood Engraving? Wood engraving is a printmaking method, developed by Thomas Bewick at the end of the 18th century. In this process, an artist cuts an image into the inked woodblock. The main purpose of this Wood engraving is to print the pattern or design on plain paper. To print, roll the roller … Read more

What is Manufactured Wood? | Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Manufactured Wood

Introduction Manufactured wood is made by binding the sawdust, fiber, and small pieces of real wood together with strong adhesives. Manufactured wood is also called Engineered wood, mass timber, man-made wood. Nowadays Engineered wood is widely used for interior and exterior applications. It looks like wood but it is not solid wood. It is stronger … Read more

Claro Walnut | Uses, Workability, Pros and Cons

Claro Walnut

What is Claro Walnut? Claro walnut(Juglans Hindsii) is a species of the walnut tree. It is also known as California Black Walnut, Northern California walnut, and Hinds’ black walnut and It is native to California and Oregon. It grows very fast in a good climate. Therefore, its needs are met from the market. Claro walnut … Read more

Peruvian Walnut | Uses, Workability, and Availability

Peruvian Walnut

Introduction Peruvian Walnut is a family of Juglandaceae Nogal, native to Southern Mexico, Central, and South America.  It is also known as Nogal. It is almost similar to black walnut. Many carpenters consider Peruvian Walnut as an alternative to black walnut. It is commonly harvested for hardwood lumber. # Peruvian Walnut   Scientific Name:  Juglans … Read more

What is Basswood? | Everything You Need to Know About Basswood

What is Basswood

Introduction Basswood(Tilia) is a genus of about 30 species of trees and is native to Eastern North America. All Tilia species are known as Linden under the European genus and Basswood for North American species. Some species of basswood are American Basswood (Tilia americana), Carolina Basswood (Tilia Caroliniana), Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa), White Basswood (Tilia … Read more