Marine Ply vs BWP | Marine and BWP Plywood Properties

Marine Plywood

Marine-grade plywood is superior-quality hardwood plywood that is widely used for marine applications such as boats, the boat of parts, ports, and exterior uses. Marine plywood is the best furniture material. It can withstand any stream weather conditions for long periods of time. 

Common interior plywood is made of 3 – 5 layers. 9 to 11 veneer layers are used to make a marine-grade ply board. These layers are glued by high-quality waterproof glue. Which lasts for many decades and required less maintenance.

BWP Plywood

The BWP grade stands for the boiling waterproof grade. This grade plywood is widely used for exterior applications. Applications that are prone to long-term exposure to water and moisture. BWP plywood is the perfect material for such applications.

It can be exposed to water and moisture for a long time. BWP marks are boiling waterproof as per standard norms. So it is suitable for most home furniture requirements.

Due to the amazing properties, most carpenters and interior designers love to use BWP plywood for making kitchen cabinets, under-basin-storage. It is also widely used for bathroom doors, building wall units, and storage units. Because it is performing better in moisture.

Marine Plywood vs BWP plywood
Marine Plywood vs BWP plywood
#Marine PlywoodBWP Plywood
GradeMarine-grade plywood.Boiling Water Resistant grade plywood.
CostMore expensive than that of BWP Plywood.Cheaper than marine plywood.
Water ResistanceMarine-grade Plywood is good waterproof. But it is not 100% waterproof, it starts to damage after some 72 hours.BWP grade is waterproof plywood.
UsesIt is a perfect material for extreme weather and marine applications.It is used for interior and exterior. Mostly used for waterproof applications.
Voids and GapsMarine-grade plywood does not contain gaps and voids.It has minimal core gaps
Knotholes or CracksMarine-grade plywood is 100% knotholes or cracks free.WBP plywood may still contain these
WeightVeneer sheets used in marine-grade plywood are weighed.It is a little lighter.
Quality Veneers The wood veneer of Western Larch or Douglas-fir is used to make marine-grade plywood. BWP plywood is also made of hardwood veneer sheets.
Marine Ply vs BWP

Properties of BWP Plywood 

1. Uniform Thickness

BWP grade boards are manufactured with uniform thickness. So that it is stable. It has minimal core gaps. So that it is quite strong and durable.

2. Reinforced Strength

MWP plywood has good strength and shape retention. Due to this, it has the ability to bear a higher load capacity.

3. Waterproof Plywood

It can withstand regular wear and tear for considerable years. It also shows good resistance towards water termites and pests. 

4. Cheaper

BMR Plywood properties are similar to marine plywood. But the price of BMR is less than Marine Plywood.

Properties of Marine-grade Plywood 

1. Voids and Gaps

Voids and Gaps are not found in marine plywood. So that the entire plywood has the same thickness and strength. So that it can be easily cut from anywhere. Due to the uniform thickness, it is easier to work with.

2. Veneers Sheet and glue

Marine Plywood is made of Western Larch or Douglas-fir hardwood. Waterproof glue is used for marine-grade plywood. Some tips on How to Identify Marine Plywood?

3. Smooth finish

Both types of surface of marine plywood are smooth. So that the moisture does not go inside and being a smooth surface, there is no need to paint and polish.

4. Bending Capacity

Experts say that “a good plywood should not be bent more than 18 mm”. The bending capacity of marine plywood is less than 18 mm. So, whenever you go to buy marine plywood, ask about the bending capacity from the dealer.

5. Flexibility

Marine plywood is strong as well as flexible. Marine-grade plywood can be easily cut and bent in any shape and size. It can easily hold heavy weight. so it is also used for the roof.

Final world

Marine Plywood and BWP both have their own properties. So, it is very important to know about the applications and properties of Plywood before buying plywood. Marine Plywood and BWP plywoods are available in different thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 32mm.