Structural Plywood | Everything You Need To Know

What is Structural Plywood

What is Structural Plywood? Structural plywood is a type of plywood designed to be high strength and stable. It is a perfect choice for long-term load carrying and structural performance. Structural plywood, also known as sheathing plywood, is made of layers of thin sheets. The grain of each layer is glued in a direction perpendicular … Read more

Softwood Plywood | Everything You Need To Know

Softwood Plywood

What is Softwood Plywood? Softwood plywood is manufactured by gluing together multiple layers of softwood. The face and back sides are made out of softwood, which comes from trees like cedar, spruce, pine, and fir. Its core is made of slightly thicker softwood veneer layers. All layers of softwood plywood are glued together by phenol … Read more

Hardwood Plywood | Everything You Need To Know

What is Hardwood plywood

What is hardwood plywood? Hardwood Plywood is an excellent building material. The hardwood plywood is bonded with a real hardwood veneer on both sides (front and back sides) and multiple thin softwood veneers are at the core of the plywood. Hardwood species can be maple, birch, oak, walnut, and others, while softwood can be pine, … Read more

Exterior Plywood | Everything You Need To Know

Exterior plywood

Exterior plywood is a type of plywood that is durable, stable, and water resistant. Mainly it is used for outdoor purposes. It is weather and moisture-resistant. It is usually made from spruce, Douglas fir, birch, oak, mahogany, and pine.  The phenolic adhesive is used to adhere the veneer layers together. This adhesive is water and fire-resistant. … Read more

Plywood vs Solid Wood | Which One is Best for You?

Plywood vs Wood

Solid wood and Plywood are very useful materials for construction. Plywood is an engineered product and Plywood made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer. Whereas solid wood we get directly from the tree.  Plywood is stronger than solid wood against bending forces. But solid wood is more durable and stable for outdoor environments. Plywood … Read more

OSB vs CDX | What Is the Difference?


What are OSB and CDX and what are they used for? Often these questions are asked by owners. Nowadays, engineering wood is increasingly being used. Both OSB and CDX are engineering wood products and this engineering wood is made of real wood but it is not solid wood. In this blog, we will know what … Read more