Hickory vs Pecan Wood | Differences, Uses & Workability

Hickory vs Pecan Wood

Overview  Pecan Wood(Carya illinoinensis)  Pecan wood is light to medium brown colored, straight-grained hardwood. It is available in many color variants. So we get many color options in pecan such as light, dark and reddish. The color of pecan wood depends on the environment of its native place. Pecan is strong, hard, and shock-resistant wood. … Read more

Ash vs Hickory Wood | Which wood is better?

Ash vs Hickory Wood

Overview  Ash Ash Wood is light-brown colored, straight, and smooth-grained hardwood. It is preferred wood for its medium to coarse texture and natural appearance. Ash Wood is light in weight, shock resistant, and easy to work with tools. Eighteen species of ash are found, Some of the main species are as follows: White Ash Wood, … Read more

African Mahogany vs Genuine Mahogany | What is the Difference Between Them?

African Mahogany vs Genuine Mahogany

Overview Mahogany is a strong durable and extremely attractive hardwood, widely used for making quality furniture, cabinet, and flooring. The color of Mahogany is naturally reddish-brown which is known for its attractive color. Generally, Mahogany grain is straight but sometimes it can be irregular and interlocked. Mahogany’s heartwood is a naturally durable and rot-resistant wood. … Read more