Plywood vs Solid Wood | Which One is Best for You?

Plywood vs Wood

Solid wood and Plywood are very useful materials for construction. Plywood is an engineered product and Plywood made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer. Whereas solid wood we get directly from the tree.  First, Plywood was introduced into the United States in 1865. Due to its amazing characteristics, it is now used all over … Read more

Cherry vs Mahogany | Which One is Best for You?

Cherry vs Mahogany

Cherry Wood Cherry is a fruit and woody tree. Its wood is known for its durability, stability, and great appearance. The origin of cherry is North America. In the USA, most sweet cherries are grown in Washington, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Cherry’s furniture is mostly used for central rooms like dining rooms and bedrooms. … Read more

What is Car Siding? | How To Install Car Siding?

What is Car Siding?

Car siding is a popular type of siding, reversible pattern, tongue-and-groove pattern profile called “Car Siding”. It has a V-Groove in the center of the board. Its board is wider approx 1×8″, due to being in the V-Groove center, one board gives the illusion of a narrower board (1×4″). It can be seen more clearly … Read more

What is Hardboard Siding? | Maintenance, Pros, and Cons

What is Hardboard Siding?

What is Hardboard? Hardboard is also known as high-density fiberboard (HDF). It is an engineered wood product, Hardboard is used extensively in home construction, siding, and furniture. It is made from a mixer of exploded wood fibers, resin, and glue, That has been highly compressed(about 65 pounds per cubic foot) at high heat.  According to … Read more