The 14 Most Expensive Wood Species in the World

Most Expensive Wood Species in the World

There are thousands of species of wood on earth, and each species has its own characteristics. Some woods have unique and useful properties which make them different from other woods. The demand for that wood is more than the other wood. There is continuous deforestation for the supply of wood, and as a result, there … Read more

Blackwood vs Ebony Wood Comparison: What’s The Difference?

Blackwood vs Ebony Wood

Blackwood is more rigid, denser, and more stable than Ebony wood, Ebony wood is easier to work with than Blackwood. In appearance, both the woods are very similar to each other. Blackwood and ebony are considered the most expensive woods in the world because they are not only sustainable but also trees that are already … Read more

Walnut vs Ash Wood Comparison: What’s The Difference

walnut wood vs ash wood

Walnut wood is more durable, strong, and stable than Ash wood. Walnut is moderately rot-resistant whereas ash wood is not rot-resistant. Ash wood is relatively strong and durable for indoor use.  Walnut Wood Walnut wood is durable, strong, and dense, and is known for its dark brown color. It has an attractive grain pattern and … Read more

Ipe Wood – Uses, Benefits, Pros and Cons

Ipe Wood Uses and Benefits of Ipe Wood

What is Ipe Wood? Ipe wood is an extremely hard, durable, and rot-resistant hardwood that is native to Central and South America. It is known for its rich appearance, durability, and strength. Ipe wood is incredibly versatile and widely used for making decks and fences. It is the best decking material on the market today … Read more