Why Is Plywood So Strong Compared To Others?

Plywood is a revolution for the construction world. It is always discussed whether plywood is strong or wood? In this post, we will learn why plywood is strong. And is it really stronger than wood or other construction materials?

Plywood was introduced into the United States in 1865. But there was no standard size. In 1928, a standard size was fixed 4 ft by 8 ft (1.2 m by 2.4 m), which was started by the plywood companies. In the United States, when plywood was introduced, it was used for building material.

How to make plywood?

Making plywood is a long process that we understand briefly. 

Wood layers and glue are used to make plywood. First, we cut the wood into thin layers, which is almost the same as the cover of the book. There is no strength in these thin layers of wood. They are so weak that they can be torn with light hands.

The pieces of 6 – 8  layers (Depends on what thickness you want to keep) are glued to each other with the help of glue. It ensures that all the layers stick together well. For this, The hydraulic press machine is used. 

Once all the layers stick together to each other, it becomes like a solid sheet that becomes very strong. 

The strength and other properties of plywood are checked during the production of plywood.

In a large boiler, a piece of plywood is heated in water for hours. Which tests for waterproofing. And is tested with clay and dust to test the durability of the plywood. Often this type of test is done for marine plywood with the highest durability.

Why is Plywood So Strong?

If we talk about why plywood is so strong? So we should know some important things that make plywood simple and strong. Because of which it is a blessing in the world of construction.

1. So we will see that the wood is not as strong as the thickness of the plywood. Because wood has fibers and knots. If we apply pressure on the lump of wood, then the wood can burst from the place of the knot. Plywood doesn’t have this problem.

2. Due to sticking many layers of wood together, it becomes many times stronger than wood. The wood and glue (which is made for specific woodwork) are mixed together to form a solid material sheet. Because it has the power of both wood and glue.

3. Higher Equal Strength – Wood is 25 – 45 times stronger than grain. Crossing adjacent sheets equal strength in all directions.

4. Because when the thin layers of wood are applied on top of each other, each of the other layers is placed in the cross of the first. Due to which the pressure on the plywood does not burst like wood from anywhere.

why is plywood so strong
Plywood Structure

5. The testing plywood production companies do not want to see any flaws in the plywood in any way. Therefore, heat, pressure, moisture, and bend, etc. are thoroughly tested before plywood is brought into the market.

If any deficiency is found in the plywood during the test. So the company removes that deficiency first so that the customer gets durable plywood.

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