Apple Wood – Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Apple Wood

What is Apple Wood? Apple wood is a type of hardwood that comes from small to medium-sized deciduous apple trees (genus Malus). The apple tree is found in most temperate climates and is mainly cultivated for its sweet fruit, but the wood from apple trees can also be used for various purposes, including woodworking and … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Peruvian and Black walnut Wood?

Peruvian and Black walnut Wood

There are thousands of wood species, and choosing the ideal species for furniture or flooring projects can be challenging. Walnut wood is a popular species that has been used for centuries for making high-end furniture, crafts and tools. Since there are many walnut species, two popular species are the Peruvian walnut and the Black walnut. … Read more

Cocobolo Wood – Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo wood is a tropical hardwood native to Central America, mostly found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and parts of Mexico. It is highly valued for its appearance, density, durability, rot, and insect-resistant properties. The cocobolo tree is heavily harvested due to the high price of the wood, and the tree grows at a very … Read more

Is Vinyl Flooring Good For Your Kitchens?- Pros and Cons

Vinyl Flooring

When choosing a kitchen or bathroom flooring material, the biggest concern is whether the material is waterproof or water-resistant. So that it does not swell or discolor like normal plywood when exposed to moisture or water for a long time Vinyl is a popular material for kitchen flooring or any other moisture place. It is … Read more

Makore Wood – Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Makore Wood - Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Makore (Tighemella hecklii) is a pink or reddish brown colored hardwood native to tropical regions of West and Central Africa. The Makore tree is mainly distributed in Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo. Makore is a large evergreen tree that can grow up to 200 feet tall. Under favorable conditions, the average growth rate of a Makore … Read more

Olive wood- Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Olive wood- Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Olive wood is highly prized for its hardness, straight grain, and unique and attractive appearance. Wood has a uniform grain pattern with warm color ranging from creamy yellows to darker golden-brown. Olive wood is native to Europe and eastern Africa. It is a medium-sized evergreen tree. Olive trees have been cultivated for their fruit, olives, … Read more