Pink Ivory Wood- Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Pink Ivory Wood

What is Pink Ivory Wood? Pink Ivory wood is a pale brownish pink colored hardwood native to Southern Africa. Pink Ivory wood is highly valued for its unique and vibrant color and durability, making it one of the world’s most demanding and expensive hardwoods. Wood is highly valued and rare, primarily for its beauty and … Read more

Cedar Shake Siding: A Complete Guide

Cedar Shake Siding

Shake siding refers to a type of exterior cladding used in home construction. It is constructed into small rectangular panels that are placed next to each other to cover the entire siding. Shake siding has a more rough, rustic appearance and is thicker than shingle siding, with more texture and uneven edges. Shakes are available … Read more

All About Sapele Engineered Wood Flooring

Sapele Engineered Wood

Sapele Engineered wood flooring is a type of real wood flooring that’s made up of multiple layers of Sapele wood veneers. The grain of each layer runs in different directions, imparting stability and strength to the wood. Engineered sapele wood flooring offers the aesthetic appeal of solid sapele wood while providing additional stability and resistance … Read more

Iroko Wood vs Teak Wood | | What’s the Difference?

Iroko Wood vs Teak Wood

Iroko wood is yellow or very light golden-brown, while teak wood is golden-brown or dark brown. If we compare the durability, teak wood is more durable and rot-resistant than Iroko wood. If you’ve been looking for new furniture or cabinets recently, teak or iroko wood might have crossed your mind. However, Teak is more popular … Read more

Bloodwood Exotic Wood – Characteristics, Uses, Pros and Cons

Bloodwood Exotic Wood

Bloodwood, scientifically known as Brosimum rubescens, has attracted people’s attention for its unique deep, bright, vivid red color and extreme hardness. The Bloodwood gets its name from its rich, deep red to reddish-brown color. Bloodwood trees are native to tropical South America and can reach impressive heights, often topping 80-150 feet. It comes from a … Read more

Types of Hickory Wood

Types of Hickory Wood

True Hickories and Pecan Hickories are two closely related groups of trees that belong to the genus Carya within the Juglandaceae family. They share many similarities, but they also have distinct characteristics that set them apart. True Hickories, often referred to simply as “hickories,” are a diverse group of hardwood trees native to North America … Read more