How to Make Wood Filler at Home?

Wood fillers are used to fill the gaps between wood joints and cracks. Although it is already available in the market. But it can be easily made in your home at a low cost and with less material. The material required to make wood filler is easily available in our house or wood workshops.

Wood filler is very easy to make at home, it is ready in a few minutes, it catches the wood. But it takes about 6 to 12 hours to dry properly

Mainly Three things are needed to make a wood filler. Wooden sawdust, carpenter’s glue, and A Putty knife are required to mix the mixture of sawdust and glue well.

Wood sawdust

Wood sawdust can be easily made at your home. To make sawdust, cut the wood with woodcutters. It is the base material to make the wood filler. To make a good wood filler, It is very important for the sawdust to be absolutely clean and fine.

Because of the finer texture it mixes well with the carpenter’s glue and holds the wood firmly for a long time. To make it finer, you should use a saw blade with more teeth in the woodcutter.

Carpenter’s Glue

Carpenter's Glue
Carpenter’s Glue

We use furniture glue in wooden work. It is used to glue wooden pieces together. It is also used to paste mica with plywood and other woodwork. They stick to the wood for many decades, maintaining its firmness, as well as protecting the wood from rotting and tarnishing.

Carpenter glue is also called Aliphatic resin. It is a light yellow and creamy color. It has low flammability, moderate bonding strength, and moderate moisture resistance.

This polyvinyl acetate, also known as “white” glues. Aliphatic resin is more heat resistant and water-resistant than polyvinyl acetate,

Aliphatic resin is set at temperatures up to 50 ° F (10 ° C) and 110 ° F (43 ° C). Although it is considered unsuitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Putty knife

Putty knife
Putty knife

With the help of a putty knife, you mix the wood sawdust and carpenter’s glue in equal proportions and make a mixer.


How To Use Sawdust as Wood Filler

1. Cleaning wood Part

Before using a wood filler, it is important that the part of the wood where it is to be used is clean.

Due to the dust on the wood, it easily leaves the wood filler after some time and all our hard work is wasted. To clean a small part of the wood, you can use sandpaper and a sandpaper machine for larger parts.

2. Make Mixer 

Mix the wood sawdust and carpenter’s glue together to form a mixer.

One thing that must be noted is that the mixer starts to harden soon. When mixed with Carpenter’s Glue Wood powder, it starts to dry very quickly, So this mixer should be used immediately after making it, or else it cannot be used as a wood filler.

If you want to fill a narrow crack, then you should make this mixer thinner. So that the mixer goes deep down. To make the mixer thin, you need to keep a little bit more of the carpenter glue than the sawdust.


If you want to make wood filler look like wood. So for this, you should use the sawdust of the same wood species you want to fill. This will give you sawdust of the same wood color which will look exactly like wood. And for this, you need fine wood sawdust. And the mixer should mix well with the glue.

3. Apply filler mixer

apply wood filler
Apply filler mixer

Before applying the filler to the wood, make sure that there is no dust on the wood. Dust is often left after using sandpaper, if it is dusty then clean it well after that fill the wood filler.

4. Finish the Project

The wood filler should be allowed to dry after applying. After drying, it should be thoroughly rubbed with the help of sandpaper or a sandpaper machine.

If everything is ok then it would be difficult to say whether the wood filler has been used here.

Precautions when using sawdust as wood filler

Wear face mask

Some precautions need to be taken when you are using sawdust. This is very harmful to the lame, so whenever you cut the wood, you should apply a face mask so that it will not harm you in any way by reaching your lunge through the nose and mouth.

User putty knife

To make a wood filler mixer, you should use a putty knife instead of bare hands. So that there is no harm in your hands.

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