Alder Wood Characteristics | Is Alder Good Firewood?

Alder Wood Characteristics

What is Alder Wood? Alder(Alnus) is a common name of a certain(about 35 species) of flowering plants or trees. Almost similar properties and habits are found in all these species. It is native to many areas of the northern hemisphere. Alder wood has many great properties. The smooth and straight grain of the wood gives … Read more

Butternut vs Black Walnut Wood: Which is Best for Your Applications?

Butternut vs Black Walnut Wood

Butternut(Juglans cinerea)  Butternut is also known as White Walnut, is native to the Eastern United States and Southeast Canada. Juglans cinerea is a slow-growing species. Its tree height can be up to 20 m (66 ft) tall. Butternut is famous for making Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Boxes, Crates, and interior. It is non-durable and also susceptible … Read more

Port Orford Cedar vs Western Red Cedar

western red cedar

Port Orford Cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana): Port Orford Cedar is also known by another name Lawson cypress. The wood is lightweight, of great strength, and rot-resistant. Which makes it even more useful and special. Its wood is also known for its highly fragrant ginger aroma. Due to its Straight grain, It is also famous for building … Read more

Ash Wood Properties | Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Ash Wood Properties

Ash Wood is light-colored, smooth-grained hardwood. The Ash is a common name of 45 to 65 species of tree. The properties and habits of all these species are almost the same. Some main species are White Ash Wood, Black Ash Wood, Green Ash Wood, and many more.  Ash is a member of the olive tree … Read more

Beech Wood Properties | Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Beech Wood Properties

Introduction Beech(Fagus) is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Beech is a common name of a certain tree species. Such as European Beech, American Beech, Japanese Beech, and many more. These are almost identical to each other.  The height of their trees is about 100–130 ft (30–40 m). The sapwood is light yellow and … Read more