Kebony vs Accoya | Choose the Right Wood for Your Application

Kebony vs Accoya

Kebony wood Kebony wood is a great option for any exterior and interior application, where durability, stability, and low maintenance are important. It is natural and sustainable wood. Therefore, it does not cause any harm to humans and animals. Kebony has great hardness (Janaka Hardness 1619 LBF). So this is a great choice for flooring, … Read more

Jack Pine | Tree Uses, Identification, and Jack Pine Bonsai

Jack Pine

Introduction Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) is known for making quality Pulpwood, boxes/crates, and poles. It has great workability properties. It is native to the northeastern United States and Canada. Jack Pine Wood is medium to low durability quality, Therefore it is not suitable for extreme weather and external application. Jack Pine belongs to the Pinaceae … Read more

Fraser Fir vs Balsam Fir | Which is the Best Christmas Tree?

Fraser Fir vs Balsam Fir

Introduction Fraser Fir(Abies fraseri) is a species of fir. Firs (Abies) are a genus of 50–60 species of evergreen coniferous trees. Fraser fir is native to the Southeastern United States. It is a small evergreen coniferous tree.  It has a naturally pyramidal shape. Fraser Fir is used as an ornamental tree such as a Christmas … Read more

Pine Wood Properties | Types of Pine Trees and Uses

Pine wood properties

Introductions Pine(Pinus)  belongs to the family of trees known as conifers. Conifers are a group of cone-bearing seed plants. The leaves of pine are thin and have a needle-like appearance. It is usually found in a variety of locations in Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe.  Pine trees are evergreen. Pine would be considered softwood. That … Read more