How to Make Wood Filler at Home?

How To Make Wood Filler At Home

Wood fillers are used to fill the gaps between wood joints and cracks. Although it is already available in the market. But it can be easily made in your home with low cost and less material. The material required to make wood filler is easily available in our house or wood workshops. It is very … Read more

Douglas Fir Timber Properties, Advantages and Disadvantages

Douglas Fir Wood

Douglas fir wood is also known as Oregon pine and Colombian pine. Due to the specialty of Douglas fir wood, it has more use than other softwood lumber. It is native to western North America. It is found in large quantities in the area of ​​Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Douglas’s wood color varies … Read more

What is Treated Wood? Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Pressure Treated Wood

In a process or treatment, the properties of wood, timber, wood structures, or engineered wood are enhanced by preservative chemicals, such wood is called treated wood. There are many types of these treatments. Each treatment has several processes that are dependent on each other. Treated wood is more durable than other common wood. This process … Read more

Balsa Wood Properties, Uses and Advantages

Balsa Wood Properties

Balsa wood is very famous for its own Properties which are used for many works. Different countries also go by different names to Balsa. This wood is also known as Ochroma. It is a large, fast-growing tree that can grow up to 30 m tall and 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m) trunk diameter in 10-15 years. … Read more